make me choose ── hufflepuff!dean or ravenclaw!dean, @deaniewinchester

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remember when orlando bloom was on the graham norton show and graham was reading to him posts that people had made on a forum about him? i do. 

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just girly things: reading gay fanfiction instead of talking to boys

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A post about Castiel’s hair in season four.



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Btw, since apparently no one noticed:

As of this April, all Connecticut insurance will be required to cover transgender treatments.

If you are a trans person and your insurance is based in in CT, you should be able to get coverage.

Tell your friends, because I didn’t know

oh hey this is effective now, by the way

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#And I just find it unspeakably beautiful that Sam Winchester #the boy with the demon blood who always wanted to believe angels were watching over him #wound up watching over an angel

If you don’t like Sam Winchester, or think he and Cas aren’t friends, you’re wrong.

brotp <3

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Another pretty thing for everyone’s dash. Rawr

This is Warrior of God by Medicated Maniac

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This is the guy that played Neville in Harry Potter.

i like his new wand 

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